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Glam Photo Booth Rental Hamilton

Glam Booth is the best place to rent a glam photo booth because they want to give your event a really elegant and classy feel. Our stylish open-air photo booth, along with our professional-grade Canon DSLR camera and umbrella studio flash, will give your guests beautiful, high-quality pictures to take home. Our specially made PhotoShop filters add a touch of glitz to your pictures to finish off the effect. You can count on Glam Booth, the leader in glam photo booth rentals, to give your event a touch of class and sophistication.

Digital Photo Booth Rental Hamilton

Photo Booth Hamilton is the best place in Niagara to rent a photo booth, and they want your event guests to have a good time. One of the newest features of our drop-off photo booth is that you can download your photos, videos, GIFs, or boomerangs to your phone by texting or scanning a QR code. You can also make the experience really unique by using themes that match your theme and changing the patterns of the lights. You can count on Photo Booth Hamilton
You can count on Photo Booth Hamilton

Mirror Photo Booth Rental Hamilton

As the top rental company for high-end Mirror Photo Booths, Photo Booth Niagara is committed to giving your guests a truly luxurious time. Our Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a truly unique and high-end addition to any event. It has a fully interactive touch screen and a stylish, modern look. The hidden DSLR camera and mounted professional studio flash with beauty dish will give your guests the best photos possible, and the fully interactive touch screen will make the whole thing easy and smooth. You can count on Photo Booth Hamilton to give your upcoming event a touch of class and style.